First day at school snapshots

PROUD parents waved goodbye to their little ones last week as a new intake of primary ones came together for the new school term.

Mums, dads and aunties have been in touch to share their best pictures from last Wednesday’s first day at school — and here are just some of the P1s taking their seats across the southside.

The Extra’s own Fiona Davidson snapped daughter Carla (5), showing off her new Carolside primary uniform alongside big brother Robbie (7), now in primary three.

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Next up is Hannah Wilson, who started primary one at Merrylee primary school. Family friend Ashlie Cunningham sent in a photo of Hannah, and told The Extra: “Sadly I couldn’t be there but mum was emotional at her baby starting school and I’m a very proud auntie.”

Alison Gardner sent in a photo of daughter Molly, also starting primary one at Carolside primary, and added: “She had a great first day and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all her friends.”

And we have yet another Carolside picture from mum Siobhan Robinson, whose daughter Lucy loved her first day at school.

Facebook follower Claire Easther Haigh sent us a picture of daughter Willow, who entered P1 at Tinto primary.

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And Karen Kent sent in a photo of four-year-old Harrison, now in class 1.4 at Mearns primary. Karen said: “He absolutely loved it — so much so, when I left for work at 7.20am the next day, he was dressed and ready and wanted me to take him to school.

“He was a bit disappointed when I said it wasn’t open yet!”

Also pictured are Ella Rose Cowie and Ewan Dingwall, who had a ball during their first few days at Battlefield primary — photo courtesy of Ewan’s mum Hilary.

To our primary one picture stars — and everyone else back in the classroom this term — we at The Extra hope you have a very successful school year.

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