Funbox stars bring Animal Magic to Lanark

Coming to Lanark in Lanimer Week ( Picture by John Young)Coming to Lanark in Lanimer Week ( Picture by John Young)
Coming to Lanark in Lanimer Week ( Picture by John Young)
From the tops of the trees to the deep blue sea and all the world in between, Funbox are coming back to Lanark in Lanimer Week with their brand new singalong show, Animal Magic!

And it’s a special performance for Anya who returns to her hometown for the second time.

Funbox is the brainchild of Gary, Kevin and Lanarkian lass Anya who admit they were having far too much fun together entertaining families with the Singing Kettle to say goodbye when it came to an end.

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Gary remarked “We wanted to carry on, not just for us but kids who loved coming to see us and the parents and grandparents who wanted to take their children. It seemed like too important a thing to let go”.

When it was made clear that the Singing Kettle was not for sale the trio took their first steps into business.

“We knew we could write songs, perform and make music, but none of us had any real experience of running a business. We just went into it head first.” says Kevin.

“Our Pirates and Princesses tour was funded out of our own pockets and a Crowdfunding campaign that saw us raise over £20k in four weeks thanks to the support of our fans.

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“We have been learning along the way, which has been very hard work but so rewarding.”

Funbox offers the same traditional songs and silliness known and loved by many but with their own brand of manic humour with a modern twist.

“We’ve been described as fresh and edgier than before. Even the big people are enjoying it, and hopefully the day after Lanimers they’ll still be singing!” laughs Anya, who honed her stage skills from an early age with ICE, Lanark Panto Club and LAMS.

Whether you roar, squeak, flap or swim it’s time for some fun, with songs and silliness galore, and keys to find to open the Funbox.

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With classic songs like Three Craws and The Bear Hunt along with catchy new tunes, Animal Magic is an exciting singalong for families of all ages from nought to ninety!

Come along, dressed as your favourite animal, to Animal Magic in Greyfriars Church, Lanark, on Friday June 10 at 10.30am.

Tickets are available - cash only - in person from the church (01555 437050), from Fringes Hairdressers in Lanark High Street, or on line at