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With the summer holidays now coming close to an end the North Lanarkshire Gaelic Forum will be starting the second part of 2014 with various classes in music and song along with the very successful Gaelic Croileagan/Nursery, and monthly ceilidh.

Gaelic Croileagan - This group for children aged 0-3 years starts back on Tuesday, August 19. There will be a session every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1-3pm. Parents and grandparents are invited along with the children and be part of a friendly group that will focus on the Gaelic language through the spoken word via speech, song, music and play. Please note that the previous Friday session will now be on Wednesdays.

Fiddle Classes – This ever popular class starts back on Saturday, August 16 at 10.30am. New members are most welcome and please note that adults are also welcome to join (weekly class).

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Accordion Class – Starts back on Tuesday, August 19, 7.30-9.30pm (fortnightly). If you have an accordion and want to go along, you will be made most welcome.

Gaelic singing - This class restarts on September 3 from 7-9pm. This is an opportunity not only to sing Gaelic songs, but also to learn Gaelic words and what they mean – a very relaxing way to pass a few hours.

Fireside Ceilidh - On the last Friday evening of each month a house ceilidh is held. This was the tradition in the Highlands and Islands many years ago where people would meet to sing songs, play music, tell stories etc. This popular monthly event is a good way at being part of the tradition and every age is most welcome. Children love to take part in these events and every age is encouraged along. A cup of tea or coffee is always on the go as well. Go along and take part, or be part of the audience.

All the above events take place at the Village Hall, The Wynd, Cumbernauld.
For further information on all of the above events please contact secretary on 07985 980719 or email [email protected] Or become a Facebook friend of Forum Gaidhlig Lannraig A Tuath.

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