Games club passes go and picks up Shawlands

A board game club running from Govanhill Baths is expanding to Shawlands — and inviting game fans along for a throw of the dice.

The Unplugged Games Club meets on the second Sunday of every month (1-5pm), using the Govanhill community hub to bring together board and card game aficionados.

Having reached the one year mark, the club has grown to the point of expanding to a second monthly gathering, and new sessions will take place at Noval Coffee Co on Skirving Street on the last Sunday of the month (also 1-5pm).

Co-founder Owen Duffy told The Extra: “Board games have been getting really big over the past couple of years.

“There are lots of really fun, innovative games coming out from independent designers and once people try them they tend to change their opinion of board games.”

Owen promises “something for everyone. One really popular game is Machi Koro, a really simple 15 minute card game about building a city from a range of different buildings. Then on the other hand, you have something like A Game of Thrones; a complex, strategic board game full of intrigue and negotiation.”

Owen’s wife and co-founder Andrea believes that the social aspect is what draws many gamers to the club.

She said: “There’s something really nice about sitting down with your friends and playing a game, face to face. We get whole families coming along.”

Owen added: “There are so many awesome games, and it’s a shame more people don’t know about them — but hopefully we’re changing that one player at a time.”

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