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Stay safe this HogmanayStay safe this Hogmanay
Stay safe this Hogmanay
Hogmanay - that great Scottish tradition of first-footing, lumps of coal, black-bun and of course a wee dram or two.

It’s the latter bit that tends to catch more than a few people out if truth be told according to our hard-working emergency services.

From the would-be chefs frying chips, or should that be cremating them, at 3am before succesfully burning the kitchen down, to the over-indulger who is now so drunk, that not only can they not get home safely they can’t even get off the pavement!

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Alan Dickson, East Ren’s Community Inspector from Police Scotland has a few tips on how everyone can enjoy the celebrations safely.

He told us: “With Christmas now behind us we start looking forward to Hogmanay, another very busy night for our officers.

“Along with our partners in the Ambulance service we often find ourselves dealing with people who have made themselves vulnerable through over consumption of alcohol.

“Police time off is restricted and whilst we have extra officers available we would recommend taking some simple steps to help yourself.

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“This will ensure you enjoy your celebrations and stay safe at the same time.

The most important step is to plan your night out. Think about how you are travelling to, and, more importantly, from the venue.

“If using public transport know when that is likely to stop running and if using a taxi consider booking it well beforehand.

“Ensure your mobile phone is charged, has credit on it and remember to take it with you.

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“If you are going to drive on Ne’er day please remember you may still not be legal to do so well into the day depending on when you stopped drinking, how much food you had, the amount of sleep you got, and how quickly your body processes alcohol - everybody is different so don’t take th risk.

If going out to a pub or club with a group try to stay together and look after one another, a drunk person on their own is an easy target.

“If possible try and leave together and do not leave with people you do not know or perhaps have just befriended you.

“Never leave your drinks unattended at any time, and if you have to go to the bathroom ensure that a friend you trust looks after your drink for you.

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“We still receive reports of drinks being tampered with on a regular basis and especially at this time of year.

Do not be tempted under any circumstances to try drugs or new psychoactive substances – so called legal highs, these are not safe and can contain toxic, harmful chemicals which have contributed to tragic incidents in the recent past.

If you follow these simple suggestions and put a simple plan in place I am sure you will have a great Hogmanay and I wish you and yours a very happy, safe and healthy New Year.