Health fears over stripping of lead paint at primary school

Bearsden PrimaryBearsden Primary
Bearsden Primary
A worried parent believes staff and children may have been exposed to harmful levels of lead during recent work at the school.

The concerned Bearsden Primary mum has written to the Lead Paint Safety Association (LIPSA), the school’s headteacher, council officials and the health and safety executive (HSE).

She is worried that paint stripping in the school, which began in the February break, may have exposed everyone to high levels of lead dust both by breathing it in and ingestion.

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During a recent visit she was horrified to see children eating sandwiches surrounded by dust - and she removed her son from the school over concerns for his safety.

HSE are now investigating and LIPSA have recommended that the children’s blood is tested for lead.

The mum said: “I’m concerned that the children and staff are already suffering from high blood levels of lead.

“Young people are particularly susceptible to lead poisoning which can have long-term effects - high exposure can cause kidney failure, brain damage, nervous system damage and possibly even cancer.

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“There is no safe level of lead exposure in children. Any exposure is dangerous.”

Grace Irvine, Director of Neighbourhood Services, said: “A routine deep clean was carried out once the work was complete and before the school re-opened.

“The following weekend the work to the headteacher’s office was finished.

“Following concerns raised by a parent about the lead content of the paint, work was stopped and remains suspended.

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“Our analysis of paint samples showed a level of lead greater than the normal level.

“We are now co-operating fully with the HSE to ensure that they are satisfied with the processes we have in place before work continues.

“I’d like to reassure parents and staff that we are in contact with the appropriate agencies and taking all necessary steps to ensure compliance with regulations.”