Help to escape the winter blues is only a phone call away

Recapture the summer by calling a new helplineRecapture the summer by calling a new helpline
Recapture the summer by calling a new helpline
If you are missing the summer months and looking to blast the winter blues, help is now just a phone call away ...

A new helpline for Holiday Withdrawal Symptoms has been launched by Oliver’s Travels to provide comfort to people who are yearning to escape the dark mornings and the cold weather.

The helpline features a number of audio recordings of classic holiday sounds. Listeners need only dial, pick a sound and close their eyes to feel like they’ve been transported on holiday.

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Dial one to relax to the sound of tropical birds calling through a Caribbean rainforest; dial two to hear the relaxing chirp of crickets as night falls in the Tuscan hills; dial three to dive into the bustle and life of a vibrant Moroccan market and dial four for the gentle sound of Mediterranean waves kissing the shore.

Listeners should listen to the holiday sounds for as long as needed to overcome feelings of holiday withdrawal.

Oliver Bell, co-founder of Oliver’s Travels, said: “Everyone feels low when they touch back down in the UK after an amazing break away, so we’ve decided to offer this unique service to keep holiday memories alive for as long as possible.”

To listen to the soothing holiday sounds, call the helpline on 0800 1337652, or download them from the Oliver’s Travels website.

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