Helping the world a small step at a time

Today across Clydesdale you may feel a warm wave of change coming as a group of feisty women launch a new organisation – WomanKIND Clydesdale.
Womankind project Clydesdale
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December 2015Womankind project Clydesdale
submitted photos
December 2015
Womankind project Clydesdale submitted photos December 2015

Their aim is to reach out with acts of kindness to those in need.

This newly-formed group of resourceful ladies are tackling two projects already – Crayons for Weans and Handbags for Christmas. And it’s all about action – these women are on a mission to make things better, starting with those around them.

“We felt very strongly that the way to answer some of the national overwhelming isues such as war and poverty is to do small acts of kindness,” explained Iona Goldie, one of the founder members.

“We felt the world was missing kindness. We felt it was a powerful thing and that simple acts of kindsness could make a change to people’s lives.”

Their first project, Crayons for Weans has been snapped up by local schools and groups. Broken crayons are collected in schools, community centres and shops, then redesigned into new fun-shaped crayons. These are then complemented with a colouring book of original art. Drawings were submitted by local schoolchildren but also by artists around the world.

The first packs will be given as welcome gifts for the children of the refugee families arriving in South Lanarkshire. Later packs will be included in foodbank distributions across Clydesdale.

The other project is designed to bring a smile to the faces of women facing hardship this Christmas.

Handbags for Christmas involves collecting good condition handbags which can be filled with small practical goodies. These will be wrapped up with a message from WomanKIND and distributed via food-banks, to allow children to give their mums a wee Christmas treat.

Donations of handbags – with goodies inside or ready to be filled - can be made at The Gillespie Centre in Biggar. Collections from further afield may also be possible. Details can be found on the WomanKIND Clydesdale Facebook page.

Jan Currie who is leading this project explained “Every child wants to give their mum a present at Christmas. For families in poverty, finding spare money for presents is tough. This is a small thing we can do which we hope will make a big difference.”

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