Helping to explain

A MUM who suffered a miscarriage, then wrote a personal book to explain to her son what happened, has now seen it published in a bid to help others.

Gillian Griffiths's son Cameron was only three when she had to tell him he wasn't going to be a big brother.

The Clarkston teacher found it difficult to explain to him what happened: so she wrote it down in the form of a child's book to help him understand.

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After the 37-year-old suffered another miscarriage, she thought the Miscarriage Association would find her tome useful.

Gillian explained: "It was illustrated by Lindsay Macleod, from Giffnock, who had also suffered two miscarriages and made into an ebook and available on the charity's website.

"St Andrew Press then contacted me to ask if it could be published — so it's been a long time coming.

"My husband Gareth was very proud to see it made into a book but it was very emotional for him.

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"When I fell pregnant we waited until the 12-week period to tell Cameron.

"He was all excited about being a big brother so how do you explain what happened to a three-year-old?

I wrote the story for him and it really helped".

All proceeds from the book, entitled Goodbye Baby: Cameron's Story, will go to the Miscarriage Association.

Cameron, eight, now has a younger brother Glen (4), and says he is very proud of his mum.

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He told The Extra: "I was really happy to see the book in print. I'm pleased it will help other children".

Illustrator Lindsay Macleod, who has two children Callum (11) and Jennifer (7), also suffered two miscarriages.

She told The Extra: "We're delighted to see it finally in print and hope it will help families who have been through a similar experience to us.

"Gillian has written a really sensitive and inspiring text and I have tried to make the illustrations and design bright and child-friendly".

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Gillian's husband Gareth, a solicitor, added: "I'm very proud of my wife for having the courage to write this book which I know was very difficult for her.

"I hope people will find comfort in its message".

Goodbye Baby: Cameron's Story is available to order from or at Waterstones in The Avenue priced 6.99 hardback.