Homes face months without phone

Residents who have recently moved in to a luxury housing development face being without a phone line or broadband internet for MONTHS.

The latest batch of people to move to the Woodilee Housing Development, near Lenzie, say they feel “let down” by BT after being informed of the problem.

The delay has been caused by a lack of capacity for new telephone lines into the development.

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It means householders will not have access to a landline, broadband internet or digital television packages until the matter is resolved.

One resident said: “Given the length of time Woodilee has been planned it seems ridiculous that BT have not arranged for the right lines to be connected.

“Modern life is all about communication and you just expect a new home to be connected to the telephone network.

“We’ve been told various things about ‘multicables’ having to be fitted and that it could take anything up to four months and that we’ll be updated in due course.

“We all feel very let down by BT.”

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A BT spokesperson told the Herald: “Unfortunately, we discovered around a month ago that the cabinet that serves the estate is at full capacity and called in our planners to build a new route.

“This is a major operation which requires 2.5 kilometres of underground cable and we’ve applied to the council for permission to use traffic management on the road while we carry out this work.

“We’d like to apologise for the delay but assure end-users that we are endeavouring to complete this work as soon as possible and get the new lines in without further delay.”