John's winging his way to retirement

Glasgow Airport staff member 
John Barrie is retiring.Glasgow Airport staff member 
John Barrie is retiring.
Glasgow Airport staff member John Barrie is retiring.
A Milngavie man is retiring from his job as Duty Safety Officer at Glasgow Airport after 11 years.

John Barrie (60) has dealt with almost every kind of first aid incident during his time at the airport, including over 24 CPR scenarios.

One woman is very grateful to him because he saved her son’s life when he had a heart attack in the airport.

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Bette Simpson (81) said: “Scott had just turned 50 and was going to Ireland with a friend when he collapsed.

“John was at his side in seconds and performed the vital CPR that saved his life. If it hadn’t been for him my son wouldn’t be here.”

John was also called in to deal with a tarantula that had come in to the baggage area a few years ago on a bag from Cancun and he has escorted a few celebrities through the airport.

The first time he was star struck was by Portuguese football legend Eusebio – they both talked about their bad knees! The other was Kris Kirstofferson. His sons are in a band and they play a lot of his music.

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John said: “He was a really great guy and the only time I asked someone famous if they would mind posing for a picture with me.

Glasgow Airport is such a unique place to work and I’ve had so many highlights in my time there. A DSO has a lot of responsibility.

“Not all the CPR attempts were successful, but I’m proud of the fact I’ve helped to make a difference when I could.

“With the greatest will in the world you can’t save everyone, but it’s important we at least try.

“The only thing I’ve never done is help to deliver a baby.”

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A former fireman for 28 years – primarily in Maryhill and Clydebank – John is married with four children and three grandchildren. He retired from fire service due to an injury to his knees.

John added: “I’ll miss everyone from the cleaning staff to Amanda McMillan the managing director. It’s such a great place to work and there’s such a buzz about the place.

“I’ll miss the passengers too. You get people from every walk of life travelling through the airport and they’ve all got unique stories.

“I’m going to take it easy now and spend more time with the family. We plan to go to New York, but my wife hates flying funnily enough! I’d like to visit the city because a poem I wrote is on the wall of the New York Fire Department HQ.”