Learn how to draw portraits of children - inspired by Joan Eardley

Joan EardleyJoan Eardley
Joan Eardley
Join artists from the Thrive Archive for a workshop '˜After Eardley' at The Lillie Art Gallery in Milngavie on Wednesday, May 17 to explore the joy of drawing portraits of children at speed.

Simply take along a photo of a ‘wee one’ to inspire you and an old shirt or apron to wear. The 90-minute workshops are free and they provide all the materials.

Joan Eardley often complained that ‘the weans just won’t sit still!’ despite the lure of thruppence for the cinema or a new comic to read Joan’s models found it difficult to hold a pose for long.

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She had to work fast and if you have ever tried to draw your children or grandchildren you will understand the challenges Joan faced trying to capture the fleeting expression or a shy smile.

The Thrive Archive is a creative community research project set up by collaborative artist Jan Bee Brown with story at its heart for more information visit www.thrivearchive.org

The workshop is at 2.30pm. To book a place please call the Lillie Art Gallery on 0141 956 5536.