Linlithgow and Bo’ness parents urged to make learning fun

SINGING songs of yesteryear can bring back happy memories of time spent learning nursery rhymes and tuneful ditties, and it can be amazing to realise just how much people remember and replicate now they are parents themselves.

Many are unaware that these fun moments with mum or dad played an important role in making us who we are today and it’s an example to follow to help boost children’s brain power through play.

Most children have play group or nursery time nowadays and can learn many social skills with children of similar ages, and that’s important, but sharing with parents is special and should not be missed.

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The Scottish Government’s PlayTalkRead campaign encourages mums and dads to have fun with their tots from day one. From jumping in puddles and pulling silly faces in the mirror to feeding the ducks in the park, “30 Things to do Before You’re 3” gives a big list of simple fun for little ones get under their belt during their early years, and parents will without doubt find it stimulating as well.

The campaign has been launched to encourage mums and dads to have fun with their little ones from day one, to play, talk and read with their kids.

During the first three years of life, 75 per cent of brain growth is complete and an estimated 50 per cent of our language is in place.

Parenting Across Scotland are getting behind the campaign. Clare Simpson, project manager says: “We all remember the simple things like going to the park and going down the slide or splashing in puddles on a rainy day but quite often take for granted how important these moments were. There are lots of opportunities to get out there and have simple fun every day and for little cost.”

For more play ideas, interactive fun and to download the full 30 Things to do Before You’re 3 list visit the PlayTalkRead website