Love thy neighbours, says Russell

Good neighbour Russell Macmillan is a fervent believer in the old adage: charity begins at home.

The founder of East Renfrewshire Good Causes is calling on people who live and work in East Ren to love thy neighbour and give half of their charity donations and fundraising efforts to local charities who, he says, are best placed to identify needs and solutions in their community.

“National charities attract a lot of funding and media attention and do great work,” said Russell, “but I’d like to appeal to all groups and individuals carrying out excellent local fundraising initiatives to think about sending 50 per cent of their charitable gifting to local groups and organisations such as ergoodcauses to allow us to love our own neighbours as well.”

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Cancer Research UK spokesman Martin McGlown disagrees. He said: “We invested more than £22 million in Glasgow last year. Our scientists in Glasgow have helped open new avenues of investigation that could effectively treat this complex disease, helping people not just in Glasgow but right across the UK.

Patients in Glasgow and across Scotland also benefit directly from Cancer Research UK-funded clinical trials which help to establish the most effective treatments for a wide range of cancers.”

To find out more about the local charity, visit or call 0141 639 8230.