Man arrested for alleged fraud

Bogus CallersBogus Callers
Bogus Callers
A 30-year-old man has been remanded in custody for alleged fraud for bogus workman types of offences for work that was carried out in the Kirkintilloch area recently.

He is alleged to have charged his victim for work and failed to return to carry it out.

Constable Stuart Cairns of Kirkintilloch Police Office, said: “Bogus callers and rogue traders or workmen take advantage of the trust and goodwill of householders and invariably target the elderly or more vulnerable members of the community.

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“This type of crime can have a devastating effect on individuals and families, financial and otherwise, yet many incidents go unreported.

“It’s not unheard of that victims wrongly believe they have been caught out by their own gullibility and won’t report a crime. Their victims aren’t gullible, but sadly just too trusting.”

Cold callers can trick their way into homes under false pretences with the intention of stealing cash and belongings, whilst bogus workmen will seek payment for shoddy work, or indeed money up front for work that is never carried out.

Police Scotland is warning residents to always be on their guard against this type of crime, especially if they have elderly or vulnerable neighbours and to report every incident.

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Constable Cairns added: “Be suspicious of anyone cold calling at your door offering to do work, or to fix a problem you have no prior knowledge of. Equally, do not trust anyone who calls asking for a drink of water or use of your bathroom for example.

“Look out for one another. These people are very well practised in their approach. Information the police receive about suspicious activity will assist officers to bring offenders before the courts.

“If someone calls claiming to be a workman of any description, demand to see their identification – genuine workmen will not object and should have appropriate ID. Make them wait outside and contact the company or organisation they claim to be with for verification.

“Bogus callers tend to be plausible. They have prepared for the encounter and their aim is to gain entry under false pretences. Do not be put off by the prepared patter.

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“If, for whatever reason, your suspicions are not satisfied, do not let that caller in. Shut the door and call the police.”

Anyone with information that can assist police enquiries should call 101. Information can also be provided anonymously via the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. In an emergency call 999.

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