Man's sick supermarket prank goes viral

A sick prank in Bearsden's Asda store has gone viral - with over 141,000 views online in just one month.
Asda BearsdenAsda Bearsden
Asda Bearsden

Gary Bryce was shopping there last month when he got hold of the store’s microphone.

He greets shoppers in a calm voice to begin and then asks them to evacuate the shop because there is a “paedophile on the loose.”

Worried families can be heard screaming and shrieking in the background as the video ends and Gary starts laughing loudly.

Angry parents have since critcised Gary for causing alarm and called him a ‘sick individual’.

Sarah Ainsley said: “Not in the slighest bit funny. I was in Asda at this time with my little girl and I heard this. My heart sank. Saw other parents grab their kid’s hands in complete shock. Sick individual.”

While thousands of other people have found it very amusing.

Laura Walton wrote: “Shouldn’t find it funny but I do.” Naomi Brown said: “Haha that’s hilarious. Folk are screaming in the background.”

Rory Morgan added: “Would expect nothing less of Bearsden.”

The 20-second-clip, which was taken by Gary, begins with a shot of the supermarket floor as he walks down an aisle.

The camera then shows his face, and he can be seen holding a store microphone before he says: “Attention valued shoppers. Please evacuate the building.

“There is a paedophile on the loose. I repeat, there is a paedophile on the loose.”