Mind Aid 2021: What is it, who is involved and which Glasgow musician is behind it?

A re-imagined version of the classic Band Aid charity single will be released later this month

A special version of the Band Aid Christmas song ‘Feed the World (Let Them Know it’s Christmas Time’) has been put together by new music acts from across the UK, but what is it all about?

All money raised from the single will be donated to the charity ‘Tiny Changes’ which carry out work to help young people with their mental health.

We spoke to Arcade State drummer and man behind the idea for the song Jordan Murray to find out more.

What is the aim of ‘Mind Aid 2021’?

“The aim is simply to raise awareness for mental health,” Jordan said.

“We want to spread the word and eradicate the stigma behind talking about mental health.

“We are using our platform to hopefully get this message out there. We aim to raise for mental health charity , still in discussion on which specific charity.”

Jordan Murray is behind the idea Jordan Murray is behind the idea
Jordan Murray is behind the idea

How did the idea come about?

“The idea came about when I saw a post on Twitter regarding Christmas song covers.

“I genuinely posted as a joke that we should do the band aid song with the new music community on Twitter.

“It just grew arms and legs from there and I ended up actually organising it and making it happen.

“We then decided we should spin it and change the lyrics to be more relevant with mental health and from there the idea for mind aid was born.”

Who is involved?

There are 19 bands/acts involved in total.

  • Arcade State
  • Silvi
  • Dale
  • Lottie
  • Distant Images
  • Dovv
  • Mellor
  • Spiral Cities
  • Skoopski
  • Sam Lambeth
  • Jen Dixon
  • Revivalry
  • Chris James Willows
  • Monza Express
  • Silver Haar
  • Kimberly Forsyth
  • Greysha
  • PG Ciarletta
  • Joe Adhemar (producer , mix and mastered the track)

Jordan explained that the acts are from England, Scotland and one (Skoopsi) is from the USA.

How can you help?

“We just ask people to share the track when released. Share the info on the just giving page and make even a small donation to the cause.

“It will go a long way in helping us achieve what we want from this.”

The song will be released on 8 December and everyone involved has called on people to support and donate.

To find out more, visit Mind Aid 2021 on social media

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