More than a fifth of Brits erect fences to block out neighbours

More than a fifth (21%) of Brits have put up garden fences specifically to block out nosey neighbours, or to avoid having to talk to them, according to a survey carried out by garden fencing experts

But a quarter (25%) of us like to have a gossip about other neighbours.
But a quarter (25%) of us like to have a gossip about other neighbours.
But a quarter (25%) of us like to have a gossip about other neighbours.

More than one in ten (14%) Brits admit they’ve had disputes with neighbours over a garden fence, with bickering over boundaries (46%) the most common dispute, followed by arguing over the height of the fence (18%) that has been erected.

But plenty of homeowners are more sociable, with half of those polled loving nothing more than chewing the fat with their neighbours over the garden fence. Over a third (36%) of those who chat to their neighbours wile away at least two hours a week talking over the fence, while a fifth (20%) rack up at least three hours a week.

And what do we talk about over the garden fence? Not surprisingly we like to have a whinge about a whole host of topics. Almost half (47%) said they regularly have a good old moan with their neighbours about work stresses, crime in the area, house prices and life in general. A quarter (25%) admitted they love to have a gossip about other neighbours, particularly people who’ve recently moved into the street.

Tracey Hartwell, sales manager at comments: “Fences are much more than a boundary between gardens. For some it provides a meeting point to discuss life, love and politics. For others, it provides the opposite; to block out neighbours and avoid engaging in conversation altogether.

“If you want to keep your neighbours happy, and most of us do, keep your fence in good repair, pick a fence that gives you some privacy but is low enough for a friendly chat and, if you plan to replace the existing divide, keep your neighbours in the loop about your plans. Also, be aware that you will need planning permission to erect a fence more than two metres high.”