MSP Mark Griffin supports international climate change project

MSP Mark Griffin is supporting an international project to tackle the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities in developing countries.

The project is led by SCIAF, Scotland’s leading international aid agency.

Mark Griffin spoke to Sheila Kambobe, deputy director of the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection in Zambia. She told him of the major effect that climate change is having on her country.

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SCIAF is working with the centre and other partners in Malawi, Burundi and Zambia to help poverty-hit farming communities. Mark and Shelia were joined by Catherine McGrath, a SCIAF representative from Kilsyth.

Mark said: “I was delighted to take part in the SCIAF event in the Scottish Parliament.

“Shelia Kambobe has first-hand experience of the impact of a changing climate in Zambia and made clear how some of the most vulnerable communities in the world are being hit hardest by changing weather patterns.”

He added: “Climate change is one of the biggest challenges the world faces in the fight against global poverty. We can all help tackle the causes and effects by the actions we take in our community.”