No return to Carluke High Street’s golden age

Carluke High Street
Picture by Lindsay AddisonCarluke High Street
Picture by Lindsay Addison
Carluke High Street Picture by Lindsay Addison
IT’S time to stop dreaming about a return to Carluke High Street’s shopping Golden Age of the last century. It’ll never come back.

That was the parting shot this week from one of the town’s longest-established shopkeepers, well-known electrical retailer Joey Adam, as he announced his retirement.

However Joey, whose family have traded in the town for several decades, stressed that he was NOT one of the many predicting the actual DEATH of Carluke High Street.

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He said: “It’s going to have to change radically but, as for it being a place for people to go for retail – forget it. These days are past.

Shopping will mainly be done on the computer keyboard from now on. The days of young people going to their High Street for their shopping is over and we might as well accept it and move on.”

Meanwhile, a vision of a future Lanark High Street with practically NO traditional shops on it has been rejected as ‘doom and gloom’.

The reaction of the leader of the town’s Business Group comes following a government-sponsored report stating that the ‘Golden Age’ of the local shopping street was over for good.

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In fact, Group chairman Alistair Brooks said Lanark High Street was showing signs of RECOVERY with the recent opening of a new furniture retailer and his own family’s shoe shop in the former Clark’s premises.

For more on these stories see this week’s Carluke and Lanark Gazette, which is in the shops now.

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