Paddling your way to Kilsyth

AMBITIOUS plans to build a canoe trail from Glasgow to Edinburgh which would run through Kilsyth have been unveiled.

Scottish Canals is currently making a funding bid for a possible Glasgow to Edinburgh Canoe Trail, and if the project goes ahead, the Forth and Clyde and Union canals would be used.

A similar scheme was developed elsewhere Scotland, and local communities have reaped the benefits.

Richard Millar, head of enterprise at Scottish Canals, explained: “We have been developing a project for a Glasgow to Edinburgh Canoe Trail.

“We had a lot of success with the Caledonian Canoe Trail, it has driven a lot of tourism and interest in canoeing.”

The 95km trail would run between the two cities with canoe facilities developed along the way costing in the region of £110,000.

For full story, see this week’s Kilsyth Chronicle or Cumbernauld News dated Wednesday, January 30.