Parents influence over driving

The Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland unveiled a campaign, which urges parents across North Lanarkshire to consider the influence their driving can have on their children’s safety when they become drivers themselves.

In a first of its kind anywhere in the world, the campaign is based on the premise that every time parents get behind the wheel with their children in the car, they’re giving them a lesson which could save their lives in the future.

In pre-campaign research, conducted by YouGov, 91 per cent of parents in central Scotland with children aged 12 years old or younger, who drive with them in the car, felt their driving behaviour had some level of influence on the kind of motorist their children might grow up to be.

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However, 31 per cent of those surveyed felt children only start to take notice and pay attention to driving between the age of nine to 16 - and Scottish Government research shows this to be much younger.

The campaign draws on early years and road safety research which demonstrate that children’s future prospects are influenced to a large extent by their parents’ and carers’ behaviour from a very young age .

This extends to all areas of life, including driving.

Parents are already very aware that they are role models to their children, but this does not always include their vital role in road safety.

Transport minister Keith Brown, said: “This campaign takes a ground-breaking approach to road safety and provides support and information for parents and carers to help them set a good driving example for children across North Lanarkshire - even from a very young age.

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“It is the first campaign in the world to raise awareness of the profound influence parents have on future road users.

“Every week, a car driver aged between 17 and 20 is killed or seriously injured on Scotland’s roads.

“While the numbers of road casualties in Scotland are at their lowest ever level there is still simply no room for complacency.

“One death on Scotland’s roads is one too many and our focus continues to be on reducing the numbers down further.

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“It is vital that this issue is addressed from a young age, to give our children the best possible start when they come to drive themselves.

“Potentially, the type of driver a child will become is being influenced every time he/she gets into the car with parents or carers.”

To get advice and learn more about the campaign and how we influence our children’s future driving, visit