Parents on Kilsyth school run branded '˜selfish shameless morons' amidst safety fears

Pic posed by modelPic posed by model
Pic posed by model
Selfish parents on a school run care more about keeping their engine on and using their mobile phones than ensuring that our children are safe.

That’s the scene outside Balmalloch Primary, according to a concerned grandparent who approached The Chronicle amidst fears a fatality could occur.

Our source, who does not want to be named, said: “Something will need to be done about illegal parking here.

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“Without fail there are drivers sitting in their cars, nose to tail on the Z markings on both sides of the school entrance, engines idling as they play with their mobile phones.

“These people who blatantly flout the law or think they are above it are wilfully ignoring it or are bone lazy.

The complainer wants patrols to be set up with fines and penalty points being dished out for offenders.

They have already contacted the council to no avail, then added: “I understand that
the council is short of cash.

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“How would it feel for a family to be short of a youngster?”

“I understand that requests from concerned parents to drivers to move 
have been met with the expected response from those selfish, shameless morons too.

“There is nothing I can do other than highlight this.”

Meanwhile, a grandparent has contacted the Chronicle after reading our print edition which highlighted this issue on its front page.

Daniel Chandler said: “I am really glad that the Chronicle highlighted this. The situation is every bit as bad as it is described.

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“The truth is that people are actually parking on a zebra crossing and they just don’t seem to care. When I approached one driver to remind her, she just turned her head and looked away.

“I have spoken to the headteacher about this but nothing every gets done. I don’t know why because it really is a very serious situation.”

The council said it has repeatedly warned parents at the school about parking and is urging them to allow children to walk or cycle to school instead.

It was stressed too that banners have also been placed on safety barriers reminding parents not to park on keep clear markings and that these were repainted last month.

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