People urged to attend public meeting on future of Kirky

A public meeting on the recent public survey on Kirkintilloch town centre '“including the controversial shared space '“ takes place on Monday, June 11 at 7pm at the miners club in Kirkintilloch.

This is as a result of the survey earlier this year by Kirkintilloch Community Council. “Your Kirky”, the Facebook page of the community council has posted: “A massive thank you to over 1,500 people for being part of the process. There was significant feedback about how there is a lack of listening to the community and involving them in the future. The result of this was a feeling that there is no point in getting involved as no-one listens and/or responds; and that decisions are made and implemented on the community, rather than worked through with a shared ownership and understanding.

“Join us to discuss the way you want to see us moving forward together as a community.”