A big day for Gracie McCall

Kirkmuirhill and Blackwood Gala Day celebrated its 50th anniversary in style.

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Queen Gracie McCall looked every inch the royal as she prepared for her crowning.
Queen Gracie McCall looked every inch the royal as she prepared for her crowning.

On Saturday, a great turnout saw Gracie McCall being crowned by retiring queen Brooke Thomson.

There were also some faces from the past, with the committee delighted to welcome the very first Queen Margaret Conner and Champion Robert Ferguson.

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Committee chairwoman Evelyn Swan said: “The weather remained on our side and it was lovely to see all the community coming together.

Playing their best cards to win the walking pageant.

“Seeing the decorated floats, pageants and children dressed up was worth the windy conditions.

“Thanks to all our donators and everyone who supported the Gala Day this year.”

A bench has also been installed on Thornton Road in the village in honour of the committee’s late chairperson Esther Serrels , a founding member of the yearly event.

Prize winners were:

A day at the races for the Grand National Float which , aptly, won first place!

Esther Serrels Memorial Prize for Court Decorated Houses – Queen Gracie McCall, Friends.

Court Houses – 1 Maid Lyla McDougall (I’m A Celebrity), 2 Page Adam (Wayt World Cup), 3 Rebecca Gibb (Bratz).

Street Flags – Swan Street. Decorated Shops – The Salon. Bikes – Katie’s Hot Air Balloon. Prettiest – 1 Freya Chamber 2 Georgia Muir (Mini Mouse). Funniest – Andrew Duddy (The Mexican). Most Original 1 – Aven Duffy (T Rex). Floats – 1 Grand National; 2 Miss KHill World.

Walking Pageants – 1 The Brownies (Pack of Cards), 2 Wild Waynes from the West, 3 Velocity Dancing (Dancing at the Movies).

Yee-haw - the Wild Waynes from the West made a big impact in the procession.

To collect your prize, contact Evelyn Swan.

All gala day pictures kindly supplied by Jean Lennox, with thanks.

The wind was the only fly in the ointment for Queen Gracie and her court.
Katie's hot air balloon won first prize for bike entries.
Villagers fell into formation to follow the band leading the procession on Saturday.
Every member of the court played their part to perfection on Saturday.
Pink ladies were all smiles on the day.
Funniest accolade for Andrew Duddy as the Mexican.