Bearsden: More misery at new Allander junction traffic lights system

There’s more misery for a group of Bearsden residents who have already lost their on-road parking spaces as a result of the new traffic light system at the Allander junction.

Lynne mcLean with her daughter who has severe mobility problems

East Dunbartonshire Council has placed a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) on part of Milngavie Road for the next year and half. Not only does the order prohibit parking – but also waiting and loading at any time.

This means affected residents are unable to have any deliveries to their homes – and a young woman with severe mobility issues can no longer be picked up by a taxi from outside her house.

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Chair of Bearsden North Community Council Gordon Cox has described the situation as “unacceptable” and has appealed to the council to come to a compromise with residents.

Lynne McLean with her daughter who has severe mobility issues.

However, the council has refused to budge – and say the restrictions may become permanent.

In a letter to the council and local councillors for the ward , Mr Cox said: “Nowhere else on Milngavie Road is this restriction in place. For example at the Boclair junction which is not a T-junction but a busy crossroads. Nor at the Asda junction.

"The residents who have lost their parking on this stretch of Milngavie Road no longer have the right to receive parcels and food deliveries, nor pick-ups from taxis.

"Imagine if you could not receive a new fridge freezer delivery without breaking the law, or perhaps have roof or wall repairs refused for lack of loading restrictions. How would you have a new bed delivered legally?

"Not to mention that there is a family with a disabled family member who cannot now legally access a taxi on the main road.”

He added: “This is unacceptable. Please can we not reach a compromise of some sort while we are apparently conducting a six-month review of how the signals work?”

However, his plea appears to have fallen on deaf ears. Council boss Thomas Glen told the Herald: "Restrictions prohibiting waiting/loading have been extended on a section of the A81 Milngavie Road, Bearsden, until 30 December 2022.

"They relate to the section on the west side of the road - from a point 24 metres south of the extended south kerbline of Mosshead Road, southwards for a distance of approximately 97 metres.

"The restrictions are intended to ensure the new traffic lights onMilngavie Road, at its junction with the access road to Allander LeisureCentre, are able to function safely and effectively.

"Permanent restrictions will be considered following a period of public representation. Emergency services will continue to be able to park. Delivery vehicles must find alternative safe parking."