Dad plays bagpipes as he’s reunited with son after three years at Glasgow Airport

A dad played the bagpipes at Glasgow Airport to celebrate being reunited with his son after three years.

Douglas Birch was given a festive surprise when he arrived at the airport on Wednesday, with his dad Lachie playing the bagpipes to welcome him home.

The pair hadn’t seen each other for almost three years.


Douglas (25) came home from Chicago with new wife Olivia and was met by Lachie, mum Fiona and sister Vivienne.

The family haven’t seen each other since April 2019, because of Covid-19 restrictions. The family were supposed to meet at Douglas and Olivia’s wedding celebrations in Chicago in April 2020, but were unable to attend as the world went into lockdown.

Surprise bagpipes

Lachie (6) said: “I’m a musician and play the drums, but I was never a piper. Ahead of attending the original wedding celebration in April 2020 my sister-in-law challenged me to learn how to play the bagpipes as a surprise.

“Even though our plans to head over to America didn’t happen, I decided to stick with the pipes anyway as I’d started to learn, although, I didn’t realise how hard it was going to be.

“It was great to not only see Douglas and his new bride again after so long, but it was also brilliant to see the look on his face – he had no idea!”

‘It’s been too long’

Douglas, who works as an assistant camera operator and has lived in Chicago for six years, said: “Today couldn’t have been any better. My dad’s never been a fan of the bagpipes, so I never thought in my wildest dreams he’d ever learn to play them. What a surprise!

“It’s great to be home and to see my family again – it’s been too long. It also felt like the perfect Scottish festive morning as we left the airport – it felt like home and I’m looking forward to spending Christmas with my family and Olivia in Scotland.”

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