Gerry Cinnamon pays tribute to Glasgow granny after Hampden Park gigs

Gerry Cinnamon has paid tribute to his Glasgow granny, following his sold out shows at Hampden Park.

The singer/songwriter posted a thank you note on his social media on Wednesday, after tens of thousands attended his back-to-back gigs at the national stadium.

He thanked the fans who were there, the team behind the show, and his ‘elite’ band.

Cinnamon also paid tribute to his granny, who lived near Hampden Park, describing her as ‘razor sharp’.

Gerry Cinnamon at Hampden Park.

He posted: “Well that was a trip and a half.

“Played all sorts of gigs all over the world but that was something else. Full stadium was rocking from top to bottom, side to side, front to back. Even the stewards were dancing. That’s what it’s all about.


“Shout out to my elite band and crew who love their job and are loved for it.

“Shout out to my production team who helped put the whole tour together. Special people who care about what they're doing and do it well. Everything I’ve ever been looking for.

“Shout out to the unsung who helped rig the stage together and set the place up. The security, the stewards, the bar staff and the folk who cleaned up at the end. Everyone plays a part in some way.

“Shout out to the people who love their tunes. Music is a magical thing that connects people in a special way. There were people from all over the world there at the weekend all singing and dancing to the same vibe.

“Wish my wee granny was here to see it. She stayed out the back of Hampden and used to love sitting listening to the concerts while shouting at maniacs trying to piss in her garden. A razor sharp lady with quality patter. Miss her big time.

“Hope you all had a class weekend and enjoyed the music and the visuals and the pyro and the smoke and the fireworks.


“2 year wait. Was well worth it. Still haven’t processed how good it actually was. History made. Memories made more importantly. Felt the Hampden roar right in my chest and it was mighty.

“Incredible man.”