Glasgow Christmas 2022: New research reveals city is feeling glum about the festive season

The festive season is coming! But it seems there’s a fair few scrooges across Glasgow this year.

The festive season is right around the corner, and new research run by Virgin Experience Days gives us a closer insight into the mood of Brits and how they are feeling towards Christmas this year with Glasgow toward the bottom end of the list.

Glasgow is often renowned for its highly-rated ice rinks and dazzling Christmas lights, so much so that the iconic Coca-Cola truck visits Scotland’s second city over the country’s capital. However, it seems that the Christmas cheer hasn’t rubbed off on Glasgow locals.

In fact, our neighbours in Edinburgh were ranked rock-bottom in a list that reflects very poorly on Scottish people’s Christmas spirit. Those just south in Newcastle are also low on the list of people ‘more excited for Christmas this year than last’.

The research was carried out across the UK’s most populous cities, quizzing a sample of 2,001 people. The representative and reliable study surveyed each city, asking an equal number of people in each location how they feel about the upcoming holiday.

It’s important to note the coronavirus pandemic took a toll on the festive cheer felt by the nation but with London topping the list with 61% residents feeling more excited than last year - it looks like it might be a northern thing.

The study also revealed how Brits in different cities will celebrate Christmas. Despite feeling a bit downcast about the festive period, people in Edinburgh are most likely to see family on Christmas day, with 61% saying they plan to visit relatives. People in London, Bristol and Cardiff are the least likely to show up at grandma’s house this year, with only 40%, 41% and 41% voting the same.

Commenting on the research, Richard Hurd-Wood, CEO of Virgin Experience Days, said: “The pandemic created two very strange Christmases, so it’s no surprise to see many people looking forward to the festive period more than last year – but there are some big regional disparities.

“Despite the cost-of-living crisis, gifting is still a huge priority for people, with most Christmas budgets going towards treating families and friends. This is good news for the economy – and hopefully lots of small businesses and suppliers around the country who rely on Christmas for trade, including our 1,500 suppliers and experience providers.

The Glasgow Fort Christmas Market will offer a Ferris Wheel, visits from The Grinch and Santa himself, and even a German-style bar!

“At Virgin Experience Days we are committed to helping people find the perfect gift for their loved ones. There is clearly an appetite for gifts that allow people to spend time together while we make up for the past two years – especially during Christmas.”

So, how low is Glasgow on the list of cities with the most festive cheer? Here’s the full list of places feeling the glummest.

What cities are looking forward to Christmas 2022?

The findings revealed that Glasweegens aren’t particularly excited for Christmas with only 48% more excited than last year.

Here are the top Christmassy-feeling cities in the UK listed in order of those looking forward to Christmas the most:

1.        London (61%)

2.       Birmingham (60%)

3.       Southampton (56%)

4.       Manchester (54%)

5.       Nottingham (53%)

6.       Leeds (52%)

7.       Cardiff (52%)

8.       Plymouth (50%)

9.       Brighton (50%)

10.   Sheffield (50%)

11.   Liverpool (50%)

12.   Norwich (50%)

13.   Bristol (49%)

14.   Glasgow (48%)

15.   Belfast (47%)

16.   Newcastle (39%)

17.   Edinburgh (37%)