Glasgow man thanks ‘legend’ who pushed his car as he raced to see birth of his son

A Glasgow man has thanked a ‘legend’ who helped push his car, as he raced to see the birth of his son.

Glavan Menezes has been attempting to contact the person to thank them for their kind gesture on January 7.

Race to the hospital

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In the early hours of January 7, when much of Glasgow was covered with snow, Glavan and his wife set off from their home and were racing to hospital.

Baby Luca was born later that day.

However, their car got stuck at the top of the hill on Battlefield Road.

The kind person pushed the car to help get Glavan moving again - and face-planted into the snowy road doing so.

Glavan wasn’t able to stop and thank the person because - what the kind-hearted individual did not know - he was rushing his wife to the hospital as she was in labour.

The story has a happy ending, as Glavan’s wife gave birth later that day, with little baby Luca entering the world.


Glavan has posted messages on Battlefield social media pages in a bid to reach the person - but has so far not managed to thank them.

His post ended: “We are both very grateful for your help that morning. Thanks a lot.”