Glasgow one of UK’s most photographed skylines

The Glasgow skyline is one of the most photographed in the UK, according to new research.

According to a new study carried out by image monitoring platform Pixsy, Edinburgh and Glasgow are both among the most photographed skylines in the UK.

With winter being one of the most beautiful seasons of the year for sky-lighting sunsets, twinkling lights across iconic landmarks, and outdoor festive walks, the team at Pixsy decided to investigate where in the world - and the UK - has the most snapped skyline.

The study analysed the number of Instagram posts of cities known for their iconic skylines across relevant hashtags, such as and #londoncityscape and #oxfordskyline.

Where did Glasgow rank?

Glasgow ranked seventh in the table, with 2422 posts. Edinburgh came fourth in the table, while Aberdeen squeezed into the top 20, finishing 18th.