GP finally hangs up his stethoscope

A doctor who has given 50 years of dedicated service to the community has decided the time has come to write his last prescription.

Dr Roderick MacLeod's retires after 50 years service.
Dr Roderick MacLeod's retires after 50 years service.

Dr Roderick MacLeod of the Baker Street surgery in Shawlands will say goodbye to his staff for the final time on Friday, April 7, as his daughter Dr Melanie MacLeod takes over the reigns.

Dr MacLeod, along with his former partner, Dr James Gilchrist, who retired in 1984, have provided a total of 107 years continuous medical service to the community of Shawlands. The practice which started back in 1918 is not just a surgery any longer, having evolved with advances in technology and medicine over the years.

The unnasuming and self-effacing Roderick MacLeod that many of his patients have come to value as a friend and not just a GP said: “It has always been a huge privilege to serve the community as a family doctor.”

During his time he has seen some huge improvements citing, ultrasounds, MRI scans, and other non-invasive procedures, female GP’s, which were unheard of 50 years ago, as well as medication advances in the female pill, treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure.

However, he also warns of poor morale in GP’s- the worst he’s seen in 50 years, and burgeoning levels of admin.

“I may have known a little about medicine, but my patients have taught me so much about life. I have been very fortunate” he said.

And in that couple of sentences, it sums up the quality of the man who has put his community before himself at every turn.

The Extra wishes you a long, healthy and happy retirement Dr MacLeod.