Low Emission Zone: funding available to help Glasgow homes and businesses

Funding to help Glasgow people and business prepare for the next stage of the Low Emission Zone is being made available.

The Low Emission Zone will come into force on June 1, 2023, which could see certain vehicles banned from travelling through Glasgow city centre.

Motorists driving vehicles within the zone which do not meet the new standards will be handed a fine.

Not all vehicles will be affected - full electric vehicles comply with the new requirements, while blue badge holders and vehicles for disabled people will be exempt.

The new rules will be introduced in 2023.

People living with the zone will not be impacted until June 1, 2024, giving them extra time to prepare.

What funding is available?


Transport Scotland is offering grants to low-income households, sole traders and micro businesses to help them meet the new rules.

According to the council website:

  • Eligible households living within a 20km radius of a Low Emission Zone, may be able to apply for a £2,000 grant towards the disposal of a non-compliant vehicle and in addition, up to £1,000 towards alternative sustainable travel options.
  • Micro-businesses and sole traders may also be eligible for a £2,000 grant towards the disposal of a non-compliant vehicle under the Low Emission Zone Support Fund for businesses, and up to £1,000 towards the purchase of a cargo or electric cargo bike.
  • Sole traders and micro businesses operating taxis, vans and specialist vehicles may be interested in the Low Emission Zone Retrofit Fund, which offers up to 80% funding towards the installation of retrofit solutions to make vehicles LEZ compliant based on emission standards.

What are the new standards for the Low Emission Zone?


The new standards are:

Euro 4 for petrol vehicles • Euro 6 for diesel vehicles • Euro IV for heavy duty petrol vehicles such as buses/coaches and HGVs • Euro VI for heavy duty diesel vehicles such as buses/coaches and HGVs

Petrol vehicles registered from 2006 onwards and diesel vehicles registered from September 2015 onwards should meet the requirements.

The standards can be found in the V5C registration document.