Strathbungo Society goes online for Bungo (NOT) in the Back Lanes

The Strathbungo Society will host its inaugural Bungo (NOT) in the Back Lanes on Saturday, June 20.

There's plenty happening on Saturday, June 20 - but not in the back lanes of Strathbungo!

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the society cannot physically have its most loved and well attended event this year in the small back lanes of Strathbungo.

Bungo in the Back Lanes is about the people, the atmosphere, the stalls, the bars and the music.

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But they can bring some of of the essence of it virtually on its blog – Bungo Blog

Bungo (NOT) in the Back Lanes (BNitBL) 2020 is for the community to celebrate in its own way. Whether they have a garden or not, they are encouraged to raise a glass, have a dance, sing from their window – anything as long as it’s not in the back lanes!

Also this year, the society will launch, for the first time, its very own live streamed music for everyone to listen to.

It will come courtesy of its collaboration with Southside Sessions, who are gathering together a set of very talented musicians who would normally sing/play in the lanes.

The live stream will be on the Society’s Facebook BNitBL event page

The online marketplace on the Bungo Blog means that anyone can buy from the many wonderful makers, local shops, artisans, charities, bakers, toy sellers and crafters in the area. It’s a wonderfully creative community and the society wants to celebrate it.

The market isn’t only open to professionals. Many of the residents of Strathbungo, young and old, spill out on to the lanes to sell their home baking, toys, bric-a-brac, second-hand clothes, and the society wants to encourage that in the virtual marketplace.

A lot of people are either struggling with or have lost livelihoods, including live musicians and makers/local shops. Buying local through the online market and donating to musicians will be a boost to the local community.

Jane Carolan, chair of the Strathbungo Society, “While we can’t have traditional celebrations, we can innovate and try new ways to bring Strathbungo together and recognise the fantastictalents we have in our area. Enjoy our virtual day out”

The Strathbungo Society is looking forward to bringing a bit of the soul of Bungo in the Back Lanes to Strathbungo in 2020!

The markeplace is open to anyone in the Southside (to keep within government guidelines of travel for collection etc.) If anyone is interested in selling at the market, more details can be found at the Bungo Blog