Traditional funeral laid to rest in Glasgow

Glaswegians have turned their backs on the traditional religious funeral service, according to the UK’s largest funeral trends report ‘Burying Traditions’ from leading funeral director Co-op.??

Based on insight from local funeral directors, the report reveals that for Glasgow, the traditional religious funeral is on its way out. 

Just over one in ten (12%) of people living in Glasgow say they would choose a traditional, religious service. Two fifths (40%) want their friends and family to have a get-together to celebrate their life as opposed to a traditional ceremony. Interestingly, only two fifths (39%) don’t want any fuss made at all.  

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Supporting the view that the traditional funeral service isn’t set to last a lifetime, over two fifths (43%) of adults in Glasgow think funerals will become more informal in the future. A further sixth (16%) of adults think that the wake will become more significant than the funeral service itself. 

The report also reveals that people in Glasgow are increasingly dressing in bright colours, taking selfies, and requesting for pets to attend their send-offs.  

Michael McCready, Funeral Director at Tollcross Co-op Funeralcare, said: “It’s safe to say that people are thinking outside the box more when it comes to funerals, whether that be planning their own, or arranging one for a loved one. 

“More so now than ever, we’re seeing that people want to celebrate life and the ways in which we can help them do that are endless.  

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“Over the years, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of perhaps unusual requests. It’s those personal touches that make the funerals look truly unique and we feel privileged to be able to help families with that.” 

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