Uncertain future for Glasgow golf course which has been closed since 2020

No reopening date has been scheduled.

The future of a Southside golf course remains uncertain as plans to re-open the Glasgow Life venue post-pandemic faced further delay.

Linn Park Golf Course has been closed to the public since March 2020 and is one of 28 sports facilities that has no scheduled reopening date, despite the £1.1 million investment announced for Glasgow Life venues in February this year.

During Thursday’s full council meeting in Glasgow, councillor Catherine Vallis, asked what data had been collected to progress their reopening.

Linn Park Golf Course.Linn Park Golf Course.
Linn Park Golf Course.

It was confirmed that there was no timescale in place to reopen Linn Park Golf Course and despite interest by community organisations to run the facility, no application has been made to the council.

Bailie Annette Christie, said: “I am sure we are all aware of the impact the pandemic has had on the public and private sector businesses in this city and across the globe.

“There has been a significant impact on the operation of our community spaces and that has challenged our traditional operating methods and models and the ability to reopen some venues operated by Glasgow Life.

“Throughout the lockdown of the city, starting in 2020, Glasgow Life embarked upon recovery planning identifying services that could potentially re-open and restart while operating within the Scottish Government guidelines at that time.”

Following the allocation of £1.1 million from the current budget announced in February 2022, Glasgow Life launched a public consultation on the opening of a number of their venues which had been closed during the pandemic.

The consultation received nearly 400 responses, from the public and another 350 responses from leaseholders and tenants from those community venues.

Councillor Christie continued: “We prioritised the areas of greatest need, previous usage and demand for the venues.

“There were 18 venues identified [for reopening] by the council and approved by the city administration committee as a priority and these were community centres and public halls.

“Therefore Linn Park golf course was not part of that process but since the pandemic well over 100 venues have fully reopened or are scheduled to reopen.

“Two venues and 28 sports facilities currently have no scheduled reopening date and Linn Park is one of those facilities but continues to be maintained.

“Glasgow Life is working with the council to continue to explore alternative options including through the People Make Glasgow Communities Programme which allows community organisations to take ownership or management of facilities.

“We have received interest in Linn Park golf course but to date no application has been made.”