Village man just keeps on winining

Bellway site manager George CartyBellway site manager George Carty
Bellway site manager George Carty
Bellway site manager George Carty has celebrated winning an industry Seal of Excellence Award at a glittering ceremony in Glasgow’s Hilton Hotel.

And he is certainly building on his success!

George, from Cumbernauld Village, picked up his second Seal for his work at Manor Park close to home in Carrickstone - and his seventh in total.

George said: “You never take winning an award for granted and the standard of competition just seems to get higher every year.

“So I was absolutely thrilled when they read my name out.

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“I am so lucky to have been working with a great team of Bellway site staff and fantastic subcontractors, who all share the same drive to build exceptional homes that people are proud to live in”

Pride in the Job is the house-building industry’s most prestigious awards programme. It is dedicated to recognising site managers who achieve the highest standards in house-building.

Andy Borland, head of construction Bellway Homes Ltd (Scotland West) said: “Most site managers aspire to be Seal of Excellence winners and we are so proud of George who is a shining example of how hard work, great communication skills and meticulous planning pay off.

“He is a real inspiration to those around him and his work is the gold standard for everyone who works on site for Bellway across Scotland. If we could find a way to clone him we would!”

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Over the past 12 months judges have assessed the skills demonstrated by the site managers in their day-to-day work.

This has covered areas like consistency, attention to detail, leadership, interpretation of drawing and specifications, technical expertise and health and safety.

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