White Lives Matter banners ‘won’t be tolerated in Glasgow’, says council leader

Council leader Susan Aitken has said White Lives Matter banners ‘won’t be tolerated in Glasgow’, after several appeared in the city.

Placards with the slogan were hung around Glasgow city centre, including George Square, earlier this week, prompting anger from locals.

Statues for Queen Victoria, William Gladstone and the Duke of Wellington were among the sculptures targeted.

Among those to speak out about the placards was Glasgow council’s leader, Cllr Susan Aitken.

Glasgow council leader Susan Aitken.

Speaking to the Daily Record at the weekend, Cllr Aitken said the incident was “a racist attempt to trivialise, excuse and ignore the discrimination, hate and violence endured by people of colour”.

She took to social media on Tuesday, revealing that she had received ‘grim responses from racists’ following her comments.

The council leader said that banners would be removed by council staff if they appear again.

She posted: “I’ve had some absolutely grim responses from racists to my comments on this. So I’ll repeat: this is a far-right, racist slogan, it won’t be tolerated in Glasgow and if they appear again, council staff will remove them again.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Officers were called to reports of signs being placed on monuments at George Square at around 8.25am on Sunday, 31 July, 2022.

“The signs were removed. Enquiries are ongoing.”