Police Scotland rolls out dual English-Gaelic Logo

Police Scotland has today (Tuesday, September 19) introduced its dual language logo featuring both English and Gaelic.

The branding, which carries both Police Scotland and Poileas Alba, will be introduced on the service’s website and intranet.

It will also be carried on signage, stationery and vehicles, and will be introduced on these items as they are replaced on reaching the end of their serviceable life.

The changes are being made as part of the force’s commitment to implementing its Gaelic Language Plan, which sets out the service’s pledge to creating a sustainable future for the language in Scotland by integrating it within Police Scotland’s services and corporate identity.

Assistant Chief Constable Andrew Cowie (Local Policing – North) said: “This is the latest step being taken by Police Scotland as we move towards full implementation of our Gaelic Language Plan.

“We are keen that Gaelic speaking communities across the country are well served and ably represented by the national service.”

“Upholding tradition and supporting native languages is important, as is making the service as accessible as possible for members of the population who use Gaelic. More work will take place in the coming months and years to deliver the improvements contained within our Gaelic Language Plan.”


“We have a keen group of Gaelic speaking officers/staff who are ably assisting in progressing these improvements.”

Speaking on behalf of Bòrd na Gàidhlig, Daibhidh Boag, Director of Language Planning and Community Developments said: “The inclusion of Gaelic as a normal part of Police Scotland’s identity is a really significant milestone for the language. By including Gaelic as part of the logo renewal process, Police Scotland have contributed significantly to the Scotland-wide effort to raise the profile of Gaelic and have done so in as cost-effective a manner as possible.

“We very much welcome Police Scotland’s commitment to Gaelic generally and to increasing the visibility of the language across the communities that they serve.”

Police Scotland’s Gaelic Language Plan is a five-year project, scheduled until 2021. Work will be ongoing throughout that time.