Policeman goes on trial

A Cumbernauld policeman has gone on trial, accused of wilful neglect of duty.

Constable Robert Baillie, 37, is alleged to have failed to execute a warrant endorsed by Sheriff Robert H. Dickson at Airdrie Sheriff Court.

It was claimed that PC Baillie violated the trust and duty of his office as a constable within Police Scotland, failing to execute the arrest of Alex Bett, 29, at his home at 45 Torbrex Road.

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It was alleged by prosecutor Liam Haggart that Baillie had been allocated an arrest warrant for Mr Bett, signed by Sheriff Dickson on April 19, 2010.

Baillie it was said, was given the warrant on June 24, 2010, his first week as a constable, having just completed his training at Tulliallan police college.

Baillie, the charge also said, failed to execute the warrant, which was for an unpaid £300 fine, as Bett was known to him and had seen him at least once between June 24 and October 24, 2010.

Constable Brian White, 38, who was acting as a mentor for Baillie, who was beginning a two year probationary period as new cop, said: “I would have expected him to act on the warrant or make a disclosure.”

The trial, which was adjourned, will continue on July 10. Baillie, who sat in the dock throughout last Friday’s proceedings has been ordained to appear. The trial will continue on July 10.