Ideas letterbox gives Clydesdale residents a chance to share their views

Residents across South Lanarkshire are being reminded they can tell the council their ideas.

The Ideas Letterbox has been created as a simple way for people to send in their ideas, which will be read and responded to by the people who might be able to take them forward.

Examples of some of the ideas that have already been submitted, and their responses, can be found on the Ideas Letterbox submissions page on the council website.

Council Leader Joe Fagan said: “We want to make South Lanarkshire a listening council. We will, of course, still continue to consult directly with local residents on issues that affect them.

Make sure you 'post' your suggestions to the council online.Make sure you 'post' your suggestions to the council online.
Make sure you 'post' your suggestions to the council online.

“However, we also want to hear people’s ideas on ways to improve the way we deliver our services, and indeed any thoughts on how we can work together to make South Lanarkshire a better place to live, work, study and visit.”

Anyone who submits an idea will also be asked for their name and contact details. They will also be able to specify whether or not they want feedback.

There will be an option to send the idea to a specific resource or service.

Councillor Fagan added: “Don’t worry if you are not sure who the idea should go to – we will be able to make sure it goes to the right person.”

Please send your ideas to the council using the online Ideas Letterbox at, where you can also review submissions already received.

As well as being asked what your idea is, you will be asked for your name and contact details.

However, you can also state whether or not you want feedback.