Cumbernauld Indyref2 activists have eye on big win

Cumbernauld supporters of Scottish independence are claiming that recent opinion polls are suggesting the political pendulum has swung in their favour, with recent polls suggesting that support for independence could be as high as 54%

And that’s all because of the Conservative party, according to Yes Cumbernauld spokeswoman Angela Caulfield

She said: “Whilst, quite correctly, the focus remains the elimination of Covid in Scotland and the need to keep supporting each other through these terrible times, the last few months have seen a hugely significant shift in public opinion

“It’s becoming clearer that this agenda is at odds with the democratically expressed wishes of people in Scotland and this democratic deficit is creating an unsustainable situation for most Scots. “The group believes that this shift in opinion is the reason behind the Tories stubborn refusal to countenance an independence referendum

“It is fear that lies behind Boris Johnson’s bluster about there being no case for a fresh referendum. The truth is that the situation has changed dramatically since 2014 and most of the promises made by the No campaign have been broken. “

However Meghan Gallacher who leads the Conservatives at North Lanarkshire Council said“The pandemic has shown us the benefits of Scotland being part of the United Kingdom, pooling and sharing resources with the UK Treasury supporting the Scottish Government to the tune of £6.5 billion.

“Coupled with the fact that almost 50,000 jobs across North Lanarkshire have been supported by the Chancellor’s furlough scheme, along with support for over 11,000 self-employed individuals, the UK Government have stepped up to support people right across the region.

“With new leader Douglas Ross in charge, the Scottish Conservatives will be offering a fresh and positive vision to take the country forward after 13 years of SNP rule, which has failed far too many people living in Cumbernauld.”