Cumbernauld's kind gift is a lifesaver to Ukraine

The ongoing need for highly functioning fire engines in Ukraine was graphically illustrated earlier this week when Russian missiles laid waste to a shopping complex in the city of Kremenchuk with a death toll of 18 by time of going to press.


Now the gift of another appliance to help with the war effort has been made possible thanks in part to the trademark generosity of the people of Cumbernauld.

They had generously responded to a Cumbernauld Rotary appeal in March which exceeded £7,500.

This represented the biggest sum ever given in a bucket collection in the town.

The club has now been in touch with us to say that the cash has been donated via a Rotary Disaster Response Grant with cash from Scotland and clubs in North America.

And this has enabled a fire rescue truck sourced in Austria to be driven to the city of Chernihiv.

This was under siege from late February until early April and endured some of the fiercest bombing of the war.

This has resulted in considerable damage, in particular to high rise residential properties where residents were often trapped and unable to escape.

Rescue efforts were rendered particularly difficult because of the height of the buildings, highlighting the need for specialist rescue apparatus to access these very tall buildings.

And the new truck which has now been delivered to the war zone can ably provide that after a $50,000 sum was made available to buy it, upgrade it and bring it to Ukraine.

A Rotary spokesperson explained: “The purchase, upgrade and delivery of a Fire Rescue Truck met every aspect of the criteria to be eligible for grant funding.“Grants were speedily approved and the wheels were set in motion for the delivery of the Fire Rescue Truck.

"It was driven to Latvia while the financial arrangements were finalised.

"Then it was taken via Poland to the Ukranian border, where a reception committee was waiting to help it make the final leg of the journey to the city of Chernihiv.

“The Fire Rescue Truck was safely received by the Chernihiv Fire and Rescue Service on Monday June 13 and given a traditional hose-down to recognise and welcome the new appliance.”