Equality and diversity training ordered for North Lanarkshire councillors

All 77 North Lanarkshire councillors are to undergo mandatory equality and diversity training.
Cumbernauld North councillor Danish AshrafCumbernauld North councillor Danish Ashraf
Cumbernauld North councillor Danish Ashraf

At the recent meeting of the full council Cumbernauld North councillor Danish Ashraf put forward a motion which implored members to act upon tackling discrimination in all its forms.

In his maiden speech he gave all those in the chamber an insight into the level of prejudice and attacks targeted at religious belief, women and the LGBT community.

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The speech had a profound effect with council leader Jim Logue proposing mandatory equality and diversity training for all councillors.

Councillor Logue said: “We are an inclusive employer that respects the values of all communities and is committed to supporting equality and diversity within the organisation.

“Elected members are offered a range of training modules to assist them with their duties, and includes specific equalities training as part of this programme.”

Councillor Ashraf welcomed Councillor Logue’s proposal, saying: “What we have achieved changes the reality on the ground. No longer can people hide behind claims of ignorance.

“The message is loud and clear we will not tolerate any racism or prejudice in any capacity. Scotland is a home to us all and we will protect our home.”

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