Fighting talk from North Lanarkshire SNP as it launches its manifesto at Eurocentral Hotel

North Lanarkshire SNP has revealed its manifesto for the upcoming local government elections to be held on Thursday, May 5 labelling it the ‘most ambitious programme of policies ever’ from any party in North Lanarkshire.

Current Leader of the Opposition, Councillor Jordan Linden, revealed the commitments to his fellow candidates at an event on Monday (March 28) in the Dakota Hotel at Eurocentral.

And he did not hold back in his criticism of the current administration – claiming that the Labour party had failed to come up with the goods and “had run out of ideas”.

Commitments include the reintroduction of free swimming lesson for young people, ended by Labour and Tory councillors in 2018, the reintroduction of free special uplifts for all households, investment in council house stock and a commitment to library and leisure provision in all local communities.

There are also pledges to explore the provision of universal free school uniforms, a council run factoring service and a full review of commercial premises to make them more accessible to local businesses.

The group leader, who replaced Cumbernauld councillor Tom Johnston last year, said: “I am proud to put forward the most ambitious programme of policies ever presented to the people of North Lanarkshire and with the support of local people, I look forward to getting to work in implementing these proposals.

“ Five years ago, the people of North Lanarkshire stated loud and clear that they wanted an SNP administration. They were ignored by Labour who opted to team up with the Tories and this alliance has had a devastating impact on our communities.

"The Labour party has run out of ideas and North Lanarkshire desperately needs a change in direction. The SNP offers that change with positive ideas to make our local areas a better place to live and work.”

Depute Leader of the SNP, Councillor Fiona Fotheringham, added: “The near constant attacks on education, environment and leisure have been the absolute theme of this current Labour/Tory administration and we need to put a stop to it. An SNP administration will do everything it can to repair the damage that has been caused.”

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