Glasgow elections 2022: Glaswegians head to the polls to choose new councillors

People in Glasgow are heading to the polls today (Thursday) to elect their new councillors.

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There are 85 seats up for grabs across 23 wards in the city.

Parties have been on the campaign trail for the last few weeks, dropping leaflets through postboxes, speaking at hustings, discussing the matters that they think are important to local voters.

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Each party has put forward its own manifesto for Glasgow - which you can read HERE - covering important issues like bins and street cleaning, the future of Glasgow Life, breathing new life into the city centre after Covid, and much more.

The SNP won the most seats at the 2017 election and formed a minority administration.


We won’t have a picture of who will form the next administration until tomorrow (Friday) when the count starts at 9am.

You can read more details on when we’ll get the results HERE, or to find out more about the vote in 2017, click HERE.

Scottish council elections differ from Scottish Parliament elections as they use a different electoral system and concern local governments.

There are 32 councils or local authorities throughout Scotland and each council is split into smaller areas, named wards.

There are three or four elected councillors per ward, these are voted in by the citizens.

The electoral system used is the Single Transferable Vote, which requires voters to rank their candidates in order of preference, with one being the highest.