Glasgow Tories blame Prime Minister Boris Johnson for big loss

Glasgow Conservatives leader Thomas Kerr blamed Boris Johnson for his group’s poor performance in the city council elections.

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The Tories had eight councillors elected in the city in 2017 but picked up just two seats this year, with Kerr voted in for Shettleston and John Daly for Baillieston.

They had campaigned to “clean up” Glasgow after repeatedly blasting the SNP for the state of the city’s streets. And Kerr believes the message “resonated with voters” but the Partygate scandal has damaged his party.

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He said Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s actions during the pandemic were “indefensible”.

“I’m disappointed,” Kerr said. “Disappointed to lose so many good colleagues who have worked really, really hard across the city in their local communities, but we live to fight another day and we will be back.

UK prime minister Boris Johnson Picture: Daniel Leal - WPA Pool/Getty Images

“We had a message that resonated with voters, so much so that other parties picked up on it. We had great candidates. I think the only reason why we have not been looking at a better result is because of the Prime Minister.

“I think the national picture has been dire, I think the Prime Minister’s actions have been indefensible and I think that’s why we’re where we are.”

Kerr believes the two Conservatives on the council for the next five years can make a difference. “We’ll work perfectly together,” he said. “It’s good that me and John are neighbouring wards as well, we’re good pals.

“We’ll be absolutely fine, we’ve got loads of stuff we want to get done and we will see how the numbers all add up at the end and work with whoever we can to try and better the city.”