Refugee effort to centre on Twechar

A Twechar community centre will act as a base for for refugee families who previousl y lived in the now defunct migrant camp 'The Jungle'

East Dunbartonshire Council has now confirmed that it will welcome four refugee families from Syria.

Council officials have not named a date for their arrival but will provide a further update of the timescale at a council meeting in January.

Nor has it been revealed where the families will be re-settled but it has been confirmed that Twechar Health and Living Enterprise Centre will be used as a base for a community team involved in the programme

They have been referred to as a ‘welcoming group’ and the centre’s community secretary Sandra Sutton has already been briefed on her role.

Sandra said: “The welcoming group will be a community effort to make sure the refugees settle in well.

“I have helped with refugees in many places in Scotland - to get them jobs, language skills and integrated and active in the community.

“At the Twechar Health and Living Enterprise Centre, we’re hoping to do the same with those coming here.”

The refugees are being accomodated throught Home Office Syrian Resettlement Programme.