Scottish independence: GlasgowWorld readers on if they would vote Yes or No in indyref2

Thousands of pro-Scottish independence supporters marched through Glasgow at the weekend to demonstrate their desire for a second referendum.

In September 2014, Scotland voted 55-45 in favour of staying in the UK, but since then, in part a reaction to the 2016 Brexit vote, there have been repeated calls for a second referendum.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she wants to secure a second independence referendum before the end of 2023.

But there are still people who argue that the 2014 vote was ‘once in a lifetime’ and that the result should be respected.

We asked our Facebook readers whether they would vote Yes or No in a second independence referendum and why - here’s what they said.

The All Under One Banner march is in Glasgow this weekend.


One of the big arguments in favour of Scottish independence is that Scottish people would be in charge of their own nation.

Em Steevensen said: “It's never too late to pursue Independence. It's perfectly natural to be your own master.”

Robert Rennie, thinking along the same lines, responded: “People should have the courage to govern their own country.”

Natalie Mcphee added: “Independent we want our country to have what it deserves and freedom and happy people.”

Kathleen Mooney said: “Yes. Need to get away from the UK government dictatorship over our country.”

Gerard Mclaughlin brought up the issue of Brexit, highlighting that most people in Scotland voted in favour of remain.

He said: “I would vote for independence - for me the whole issue of brexit confirmed for me a lurch to the right by the tories which showed that they were more interested in chasing UKIP votes rather than working with our fellow nations in the EU. The people of Scotland were lied to in 2014 about staying in the UK would guarantee we would be in the EU and then they do this.

“Well no way - we wish to be part of the EU even if the English do not and that is their right. The people are sovereign not the MPs.”


As mentioned above, there are people who think that the 2014 result should be final.

Emma Tobin posted: “NO, sick of hearing about it. We’ve had the referendum, accept it and move on!”

Gordon Wood also said: “We had the vote and voted against it. Stop being sore losers. I bet if the vote went the other way then we wouldn’t be entertained about rejoining the union.”

John Gerrard said that he would vote No, but wants more powers for the Scottish Government. He explained: “No, I would prefer to stay within the UK economic union, but have more things devolved to Scotland.”

Other posters also highlighted the economic argument of remaining a part of the UK, with Morag Chambers posting: “No they would be bankrupt.”

Suffolk N Doddle added: “No, I voted Yes last time! It’s too late now! Imagine negotiation an exit with the Torries! Then a possible EU re-entry ! We would end up a poor man’s Holland, with cheap Tuna chunks and sub standard food, yes check out the poorer nations deal in the EU? What would the currency be? Who would fund our old age pensions? Then there is the competency of our politicians from all parties? Look at health and education , they are a shambles, I rest my case!”