Sheridan fronts indy meeting

Cumbernauld Theatre will have a full house for what’s shaping up to be the area’s biggest public referendum event on Monday (August 11).

But despite repeated appeals to “No” politicians to come forward the evening - with around 300 expected to attend - will not feature a head to head yes-no platform debate as originally planned.

Instead the main speaker will be former Scottish Socialist MSP Tommy Sheridan and other guests, who are to include a representative of pro-independence organisation Business for Scotland.

Others thought likely to attend include an NHS worker concerned at what’s claimed to be the threat of privatisation of the health service.

Organiser Liam Stevenson, who says he’s “tried everything” to keep the event as a debate between the Yes and No lobbies, said: “I am not surprised Gregg McClymont (local Labour MP) and other unionist politicians will not debate the issues.

“I am hearing the same is happening as a recurring theme all over the country.”

He added: “But I hope that while it has thus become a ‘yes’ meeting, through lack of opposition, people who haven’t made their minds up – or who think they could vote ‘no’ – will attend, and ask questions.

“It is a shame nobody was prepared to put any case for keeping the union, but people will still have the chance to ask the panel questions that might help them make up their minds.

Cumbernauld Theatre is maintaining its neutral stance on the issue, and says it is making the venue available on a hire basis.

The event starts at 7pm.